How to Troubleshoot a Problem With Your Dryer

Won’t Turn On: If your dryer will not turn on, there might not be any power reaching the outlet, the door switch could be damaged, or there is a defect in the centrifugal switch.

Drum Won’t Spin: If the motor runs in the dryer but the drum does not spin, the drum might be blocked or the drive belt is broken. The idler wheel could be broken, or the support wheel might be worn out.

Not Drying: If your drum turns but none of your clothes are getting dry, check the lint trap for lint. Another cause could be a defective safety thermostat. Alternatively, there could be a defect in the heating element or the timer.

Drying Takes a Long Time: If your load takes too long to dry, you might have a clogged lint trap or exhaust vent. When the dryer is overloaded with clothes, it can take a long time to dry. Also, if the clothes were too wet, it takes longer to dry them.

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