The electrical panel is a box full of circuit breakers and one main switch. The panel is the connection between the power company’s service drop and the power that comes into your home. There may be sub-panels which are smaller boxes. They are installed to serve a specific area like the kitchen or a large appliance like the heating system. Typically, though, most homes just work out of one panel.

In older homes, fuse boxes are common. They provide the same function as the electrical panel. The fuse box has fuses that screw in and out instead of circuit breakers that switch on and off. When there is an electrical problem, the circuit breakers “flip” and the fuses “blow” to cut off power to the source and protect your home. Whichever box you have, electrical panel covers are necessary.

Electrical panel covers are essential for safety. Most homeowners have opened the outer door to switch on a flipped breaker. Owners who are more knowledgeable may change out a breaker, which means removing the cover to get into the inner section.

The electrical panel’s inner section contains lugs connecting to the service drop, some 20 to 30 circuit breakers or spaces to add them, and a tangle of multi-colored wires. A shock from one of the lugs can cause a serious injury or death, so this is no place to be if you are unsure of what you’re doing.

Although inside the door of the panel is not nearly as dangerous as the inner section, they both need to be covered. Take precautions when changing out the panel cover or call a professional, since the inner section will be exposed until you replace the cover. Electrical panel covers keep danger behind closed doors and inaccessible to children and those unfamiliar with electrical work.

Most builders and homeowners position electrical panel covers in inconspicuous places like the basement, garage, inside a closet or behind cabinet doors since they are not the most attractive aspect of a home. You can get away with putting them in hiding as long as they are easily accessible if you need to flip a breaker, replace a fuse or turn off the main source of power by the panel’s main switch.

Dark gray electrical panel covers come standard with the boxes they cover. However if you like choices, there are a few options to bring electrical panel covers out into the open.

Still looking more functional than decorative, Channel Vision Technology manufactures electrical panel covers in a white metal. The covers have a locking mechanism. This extra safety feature is a good idea to protect curious children from the dangers inside the panel. And its paint color will blend against a white wall and it look cleaner against other colors.

If you’re up for a DIY project, the panel cover can be spray painted with a paint made for metals.

Or if you don’t mind spending some time and money to spruce up your cover, a custom cabinet maker can build a matching door to cover the electrical panel cover so it looks like your kitchen cabinets or surrounding furnishings. A shuttered front can be designed and easily disguise the panel cover.

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