Computer technology is advancing and taking over every aspect of our lives. You can already buy light switches that have microchips built into them. They can receive signals from other devices and control the lights in your home. Groups of lights can work as one to create moods. For example to control the lights in your house you can use an iPhone. A three-way remote control switch can be added to a circuit without even adding wires. Ceiling fans come with remotes so you can control them from your bed.

The way we currently wire homes is labor intensive and not very flexible. In the future, houses may become less complicated to wire. The difference could be in how we control the devices in our home’s electrical system. Microchip-controlled switches will become cheap enough to incorporate into every light. That would get rid of complicated wiring circuits, such as three-way circuits and switch legs. All any light would need would be a simple feed. That is just a black, white and a ground. So simple, anyone could add a new circuit.

The same thing would be true at the locations where you would want to control your lighting. Instead of light switches in each room, you would have control panels powered with simple feeds. These panels would use your house network to control the switches built into each light. You would be able to tell each control panel to act whatever way you wanted it to act. Ever panel could be a timer, a dimmer and a mood setter. They could also work other parts of the house, like the radio or drapes.

All this will affect how we wire a house. The physical wiring will be greatly simplified. All you will have to know is the correct wire size and how to match black and white wires to each other.

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