Lighting Fixture Types


There are many ways to light your home and many considerations to make when deciding on a fixture! From recessed lighting to chandeliers, ceiling fans, track lighting and more, there are so many beautiful choices. So how do you pick? Here are some considerations to help you decide. And don’t be shy to seek the advice of an electrician who can give you great advice about lighting fixtures for your home.

Lighting Fixture Considerations:

  • Does the fixture lend itself to the use of energy-saving bulbs?
  • Is the fixture Energy Star-approved for energy efficiency?
  • What is your budget?
  • What is the purpose of the fixture: decorative, functional or both?
  • What room is the fixture for?
  • What is the overall decor of the room?
  • Will you need an electrician to install the fixture?

Lighting Fixture Types:

  • Chandeliers- Chandeliers are a great way to add elegance and class to a dining room. Chandeliers can also be used in other rooms throughout your home, as there are many contemporary chandeliers that lack sparkle and crystals and can complement any room. In fact, there are so many chandelier types to choose from these days — from Tiffany-style chandeliers to crystal chandeliers, wrought-iron chandeliers, candle chandeliers, alabaster chandeliers and more.
  • Ceiling Fans- Ceiling fans are a great way to keep a room cool while also lighting an area. When choosing a ceiling fan, consider an Energy Star-approved ceiling fan. This means that it is approved by the US government energy saving program. An approved fixture is proven to save energy, which means it will save you money. In fact, it is estimated that you could save about $15 a year by using an Energy Star-approved ceiling fan.
  • Track Lights- Track lights are flexible and are great for kitchen lighting. They are also great for tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas. The uniqueness of track lighting is its versatility. The track supplies power all along its length, making it possible for you to place the heads in any configuration you desire.
  • Under-Cabinet Lighting Under-cabinet lighting is a great way to flood countertops with light. Under-cabinet lights are fairly easy to install, and there are many types — both high and low voltage. Many homeowners have installed under-cabinet lighting in kitchens and in home workshops.
  • Recessed Lighting- Recessed lighting offers an energy-efficient way to light a room. Cool, crisp, clean and sharp are just some ways to describe the great look of recessed lighting fixtures.

Find a reliable, professional, licensed electrician to install your new lighting fixture.

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