Troubleshoot Your Microwave

If your microwave is completely dead, the possible reasons are:

  • No power to the outlet
  • A fuse went bad
  • There is an open thermal protector or thermal fuse
  • The microwave has a defective controller or power supply
  • The clock needs to be set before other functions will work

If the buttons on the microwave do not respond when you press them, it could be due to the following:

  • The touchpad or controller board has been contaminated by over-cleaning
  • If the controller is confused, unplug and re-plug to reset the microwave
  • There could be a faulty controller or power supply
  • The interlock switches could be defective
  • You might have waited too long to start the microwave after opening the door. Open and close the door to get it to respond.

If the microwave continues to run when the door is open, this might be a sign that either the cooling fan is continually running due to a bad sensor or the microwave is still warm. It could also be that the interlock assembly is damaged.

Please contact ADAMS ELECTRICAL SERVICES to have your electrical wiring inspected for your Microwave.

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