A remote electrical switch, or remote control switch, is a convenient way to turn lights and small electrical appliances on from locations inside and outside the home. A remote electric switch makes it easy to illuminate the house from the car or garage, reducing the risk of falls or fumbling for light switches in the dark.

Where to Use

Connect a compact remote electric switch receiver to an exterior light and keep a small transmitter on a bedroom nightstand to turn the light on if sounds are heard at night. Discourage trespassers or unwanted wildlife by suddenly turning on lights outside. Switch on a coffee maker or stereo before getting out of bed. Remote electrical switches can also be used to operate ceiling fans and lights. Attach holiday lights to a remote electrical switch to turn them on and off when easily without going outside in the cold.

Install remote electrical switch units in homes for disabled or elderly residents. With the remote control unit conveniently located for easy access, disabled and elderly individuals can readily manipulate the lights and appliances they need. Never again will they have to risk hurting themselves as they search for a wall switch in the darkness.

Use remote control units in workshops and garages to operate fans and control light fixtures. This feature is especially helpful in cluttered environments or in situations where mobility is restricted.


Wireless remote electric switches are easy to install. Simply plug the receiver into an outlet and plug the lamp or other small appliance into the receiver. Be sure to turn the appliance or lamp to the “on” position and use the wireless remote control unit to turn it on and off. Some operate from distances of up to 150 feet.

Prices range from $19 to $60 and more, depending on the number of remote control devices and the distance at which the unit functions. They are a much simpler and less expensive solution to controlling elements in your home from a distance than home automation systems, although they do not have nearly as many applications.

A remote electrical switch provides a new level of convenient technology to allow homeowners the ability to operate not only the lights in the home and garage, but to operate small appliances from just about anywhere in the home.

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