There are many great smoke alarms on the market today. The best are dual-sensing alarms, which can detect smoldering smoke and flames. Your specific needs (such as whether you have children in the house, hearing-impaired people in the house, etc.) will likely be the deciding factor as to which alarm you choose. For children, you may want to consider a voice-activated alarm whereby a familiar voice is used instead of an alarm sound. For the hearing impaired, you may prefer an alarm with a strobe light.

The smoke alarm highlighted in this product review is an overall great buy for the needs of most homeowners. For under $30, First Alert Dual Sensor Remote Control Smoke Alarm (SA302CN) comes with all of the important and convenient features, including a remote control for those times when you’re broiling steaks and the alarm keeps going off.

First Alert is a leading manufacturer in home safety products and all of its products are reliable. Here are some characteristics of this smoke alarm that make it a great buy:

  • Easy-access battery door
  • Remote control to mute the alarm
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Single button to test alarm functions
  • Smart sensor: it helps recognize the difference between non-threatening conditions and real emergencies

Consumer reviews on the SA302CN smoke alarm are very positive, with most homeowners’ biggest complaint being that the alarm goes off too often (due to cooking, a steaming shower and the like.). Still, it’s better to have an over-sensitive smoke alarm than an under-sensitive smoke alarm!
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