Task Lighting

A lamp with an extendable arm An easy and stylish way to incorporate task lighting in your home

Task lighting is lighting that is focused on or concentrated in a specific area. Before light bulbs and whole-room lighting, task lighting was provided by candles, oil lamps, etc. Today, whole-room lighting has replaced the need for task lighting, although it now appears that task lighting is making a comeback. Task lighting is often used in offices to help employees see better, and in homes, task lighting is commonly seen in under-kitchen cabinets or underneath a workshop cabinet to make visual tasks easier.

Benefits of Task Lighting
Task lighting eases eye strain when it is installed properly, which can make your work environment more pleasant. In industries where eye strain is a major issue, like computing, task lighting is used to limit eye strain and to help workers be more productive. Task lighting can even reduce fatigue since it helps to reduce stress on your eyes. Don’t forget one of the best benefits of task lighting: energy and money savings. Task lighting can reduce the amount of time that you will need to light an entire room, thus saving you energy and money!

Style Options
There are a variety types of task lighting options including adjustable-arm task lighting, whereby the user can pinpoint the exact area to receive the most light. With track lighting, the lights can be adjusted to hit a specific object or area.

Under-Cabinet Lighting Benefits

  • Can provide shadow-free lighting for kitchen and work areas
  • You can select from numerous task lighting features that match your style and function needs

Wall Task Lighting Benefits

  • Can add great style to a room
  • Numerous style choices, such as plated or polished brass and antique plated style
  • Can be used in bathrooms or kitchens
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Part of why task lighting is so energy-efficient is due to the energy-saving light bulbs that can be used with task lighting lamps and fixtures. LED bulbs, halogen and xenon bulbs are often used in these kind of fixtures.

Once you have purchased the task lighting fixture, you will then need to find a reliable electrician to help you install it properly. You are then ready to start seeing better and seeing better savings!


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