Track Lighting

How boring would it be if everyone’s house had the same lighting fixtures? What if everyone had the same decorating style? Well, that scenario is completely impossible with the thousands of lighting options available today, from lighting from above (like spotlights and recessed lighting) to under-cabinet lighting to chandeliers, ceiling fan lights and more. Track lighting is another lighting type to add to the lighting fixture craze! Track lighting consists of adjustable lamps mounted along an electrical metal track. Track lighting is a great way to light a room, especially if the room has specific areas or objects that need directed light. The electrical track (the track from which the lights “hang”) supplies power all along its length, making it possible to aim the heads in any direction you choose. Track lighting is usually installed along the ceilings or a high wall, allowing the light to focus on anything or anywhere you want to draw attention. Many people use track lighting to illuminate a piece of art or a sculpture. If you are looking for a flexible, versatile, stylish and easy-to-change lighting fixture type, then track lighting is a great choice for you.

Track lighting is one of the simpler lighting types to install. In fact, there are kits which can be purchased that come with just about everything you need to install the lights. If you prefer to have a professional install your track lighting system, then make it simple and find a professional electrician.

Getting Started:
The first step in selecting a track lighting system for your home is to select the track head. There are hundreds of track head styles to choose from. Try to stay with the general decor theme of the room. The next step is to choose the bulb; you can pick from a wide range of bulb types including low-voltage, halogen, fluorescent and halide lamps. The type of bulb you choose will depend on the strength of light you want in the room and whether or not heat from the lamps will be an issue. You will also have to decide how exactly you will want to set up the lights on the track. Your specific needs, including whether you want to highlight an object, will determine how you cluster the lights. The large amount of choice as to the placement of the lights is part of what makes track lighting such a great option.

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