If the lid switch does not click or if you know that you need to replace the lid switch, follow these steps to help you execute the task.

Step 1

First, unplug the washer and remove the console. Once you have access, you will need to disconnect the plug going to the lid switch. Check the lid switch with an ohm meter for continuity. If there is no continuity then the lid switch will need to be replaced. You are going to need to remove the cabinet in order to replace the lid switch.

Step 2

Once the cabinet is removed and you have access to remove the lid switch, remove the cabinet clips and unlock the lid switch block. Then remove the cabinet.

Step 3

Remove the lid switch mounting screws, disconnect the ground wire and remove the lid switch assembly.

Look at the old switch and check whether the plastic sleeve is the same size as the new one. If not, you need to break the sleeve at the score line and wrap the extra wires.

Step 4

Once that is complete all you will need to do is reassemble and plug in the washer to test it.

Please contact ADAMS ELECTRICAL SERVICES to have the electrical wiring inspected to your Washing Machine.

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