Troubleshoot Your Washing Machine

If your washing machine does not run, it could be that there is no power reaching the outlet. The safety switch could be tripped, or the inlet hose valve isn’t open.

If the washing machine will not fill up with water, the filter could be clogged, or there might be a kink in the hoses. It could also be that the timer is not set. Is there sediment on the screen of the hose? Check both ends of the hose and the valve at the back of the washer. Also check if there are broken or loose wires to the water valve.

If the water in the washing machine will not stop running, it could be that the overflow switch hose is disconnected, or that the disconnect switch is defective. Another cause could be the washing machine timer is defective.

If the washing machine tub fills with water but the machine does not run, the lid safety switch might be tripped or there might be too much laundry in the tub and it can not handle the weight.

If your washer does not drain, check to see if there is a kink in the drain hose or if there is something in the pump or the hoses. Also check whether the lid switch clicks when the washer door is closed. Use a voltmeter to check if there is power to the motor.

If your washer will not spin, the problem might be a broken or loose belt. Check to see if the spin solenoid engages. Are the drive couplings worn out? Check if the lid switch clicks when the washer door is closed. Check the power to the motor using a voltmeter.

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