Xenon light bulbs are becoming more popular due to their energy-efficient qualities and because they are an excellent alternative to halogen bulbs. What makes xenon bulbs even more energy-efficient than halogen bulbs? They last longer. On average, xenon bulbs can last about 8,000- 20,000 hours. While xenon bulbs for the home many not last as long, they still offer an extended lifetime, which means savings for you. In fact, many xenon bulbs for lamps and cabinet lights last about 3,000-5,000 hours – in some cases even more. View xenon light bulbs and the average lifetime for each. Xenon bulbs are commonly used in automobiles for headlights, in the home for cabinet lighting, desk lamps, picture lights and other small lighting applications. Xenon bulbs are filled with xenon gas, which is what makes them last so long.

More Xenon Bulb Qualities:

  • They give off a good color light, warmer than the light from a halogen bulb
  • Most bulbs are available in clear or frost
  • Cooler than halogen bulbs, which is an additional energy-saving characteristic
  • Unlike halogen light bulbs, you can actually touch xenon bulbs with your hands. With halogen bulbs, you can’t touch the bulb itself because the oil from your hands can significantly reduce its lifetime
  • Xenon lights can be installed with a dimming feature. Make sure to hire an electrician who is knowledgeable in xenon light installations. Find a reliable electrician for all your xenon bulb needs here
  • They emit minimal UV rays, which means they will not fade fabric
  • No high pressure danger. According to Pegasus Associates Lighting, “One of the biggest concerns with halogen light bulbs is that the gas inside the glass envelope is under relatively high pressure, which can become a safety concern. With xenon light bulbs, the gas inside the glass envelope is under much lower pressure, which means they are less prone to ‘non-passive failure.’ This, in turn, means that xenon light bulbs are not required to have a glass cover, and if a glass cover is used to diffuse the light, that glass diffuser does not have to be tempered.”

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